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Our Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. Since then we have celebrated this day as republic day(Gantantra Diwas). This day is a reminder of those who sacrificed in liberating the country and implemented a free constitution in the country. And this day arouses a patriotic spirit among the people. Everybody in India celebrates this day as a festival and especially school and college children are very keen to celebrate Republic Day, even old people are also keen to celebrate Republic Day. The main festival takes place on Rajpath Road in the presence of the President of India.

So as a responsible citizen, we should include our family, friends, and special people around us in celebration of this important day of our country so that everyone can feel proud to be an Indian. You can add them in celebration of republic day by just sending them your republic day thought as a message(msg)/SMS. For this, we have a collection of the republic day wishes and happy republic day wishes quotes which will help you to express your patriotic feelings towards them. Scroll down to check some Republic Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes.

Republic Day Wishes:

Sometimes, it becomes more difficult to find the best  26 January wishes to send to your relatives. So you don’t need to worry about that at all. We are here for your help to wish your close ones like parents, boss, and friends, we have the best happy 26 January republic day wishes that you can send to them. You can also check below republic day wishes in English.

A nation is made perfect by its system, government or authority but a nation can be made perfect by their citizens and culture. Happy Republic Day

Our nation won’t look up to other nations to become like that one rather our nation would be one to set examples for others. Happy Republic Day!

We salute the tri color flag and people, citizens and army who keep safe the flag and pride of our Nation. Happy Republic Day!

Wishing Republic Day to all the republicans of the country. Let’s make our nation proud with integrity and togetherness. Jain Hind!

We all are 70+year old together; the youth and the elders. And the power of unity is that we are celebrating year of republic day together. Happy Republic Day!

Always be proud that you are Indian because not everyone gets the privilege of being born in this great nation. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!

Our nation is the greatest in the world, but let us strive to make it even better. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!

A thousand salutes to the great nation of ours. May it become even more prosperous. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day!

May you have happiness to make you sweet, trials to make you strong, sorrow to keep you human and hope to bring joy to our nation. Wish you a very Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic Day ! On this day, let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

Happy Republic Day ! Let’s recall the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

Be proud that you are an Indian because lucky are those who are born in this great country. Happy Republic Day !

Be proud that you live in a country that has such a rich history and heritage. Happy Republic Day!

Always be proud that you are Indian because not everyone gets the privilege of being born in this great nation. Happy Republic Day!

Our nation is the greatest in the world, but let us strive to make it even better. Happy Republic Day !  

“Independence Is Always A Wonderful Gift From God.May This Wonderful NationRemain Independent Forever!Happy Republic Day To You!”happy republic day 2021 wishes

“On this special day,Let’s promise our motherland thatWe will do everythingTo enrich and preserve our heritageOur ethos and our treasure.Happy Republic Day.”

“Freedom Is Nothing But A Chance To Be Better.Happy Republic Day”

“As We Match OutIn The Spirit Of Brotherhood And Nationhood,Let Us Not Forget To DefendThe Colors Of Our Flag With All We Have.Happy Republic Day!”

May Republic Day infuse each and every heart with great spirits and love for the country. Best wishes for the country and you on this special occasion.

Republic Day Greetings:

Giving the republic day greeting card in advance is the best and unique way to celebrate this festival. So, for this, we have Republic Day greetings in English which are in simple terms and it is easy to understand. You can wish your loved ones by writing them on the greeting card on Republic Day. So what are you waiting for, let start wishing your family and friends.

On the glorious occasion of Republic Day, let us all promise ourselves to always be responsible and promising citizens of our nation.

Be proud of your country, its history and heritage. Good morning Happy Republic day!

Republic day is the time to remember all the real heroes of the country who never thought about their own self but for the country and its betterment. Happy republic day.

Let’s take the moment of pride of the real heroes of our country and salute them on this special occasion of Republic Day. Remember the sacrifices our leaders made to get independence to our country.

I wish for a nation where women get equally treated and the nation with zero crime rates. I wish for peace and harmony. Wishing a very Happy Republic Day to everyone celebrating.

Just like our Flag, I hope you soar high in whatever you do. Wish you happy republic day!!!

Thousands of people laid down their lives so that our country could breathe today. Never forget their sacrifice. Happy Republic Day!

Let’s remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of an ever shining India. Happy Republic Day!

Recalling and rejoicing, in the victory of our Freedom fighters this Republic Day. Best wishes to all. Vande Mataram!

Freedom in the mind, strength in the words, pureness in our blood, pride in our souls, zeal in our hearts, let’s salute our India on Republic Day. Happy Republic Day!

Democracy means nothing if people are not able to work the democracy for the common good. – Chandra Bhushan

As we celebrate Republic Day, let us also free or minds from negative thoughts.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi.

We can never forget the will and wit of our freedom fighters. Remembering all our brave hearts on this day.

Our forefathers fought bravely so we, and generations to come, could live a life of dignity.

The Roots of Violence:  Wealth without work,  Pleasure without conscience,  Knowledge without character,  Commerce without morality,  Science without humanity,  Worship without sacrifice,  Politics without principles Happy Republic Day!!  republic day wishes

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls. Let’s Salute the Nation on Happy Republic Day!

Let’s celebrate and solute the noble cause,  It’s our nation which is shining as it was,

Reunite On This Republic Day To Celebrate the Victory of Our Freedom Fighters and Rejoice in the Sacrifices That Made It Possible On This Republic Day, Let Us Unite In the Chant Vande Mataram and Let the Glory of Our Land and the Spirit of India Live Forever

Come Let Us Celebrate The Proud Moment Of The Republic Day And Remember The Selfless Sacrifice Of Many Indians Before Us. Let Us Unite Again To Remember The Glorious Moment  Of Our Republic Day And Relive The Sacrifice Of Our Freedom Fighters Vande Mataram Happy Republic Day

Republic Day Messages:

These republic day SMS also show the togetherness of celebrating a festival with lots of love. So, forget all the anger, move forward, and spread the positivity around you by sharing thoughts about republic day through text with your boyfriend (BF), girlfriend (GF), and husband or wife.  When they receive such messages from you they will surely realize that you can not forget them even in your good time. So, let start wishing.

On this special day, let’s promise our motherland that we will do everything to enrich and preserve the heritage of our ethos and our treasure.

Freedom in the mind/ Strength in the words/ Pureness in our blood/ Pride in our souls/ Zeal in our hearts/ let’s salute our India on Republic Day.

Let us pray for the prosperity and unity of our country on this Republic Day. As we remember those who fought to give us freedom. Vande Matram

One nation, one vision, one identity. No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect. Happy Republic Day.

Let every teacher teach the student how to love this nation/ Let every parent instil in his or her sons and daughters the beauty of our nation. happy Republic day

Freedom has come with the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, so let’s pledge to protect it. Wish you and Happy Republic Day! Enjoy your freedom, but also respect the numerous sacrifices made by our leaders. Happy Republic Day! Never forget our great freedom fighters’ sacrifices. Follow their footsteps and make our country the best in the world. Happy Republic Day!

The world will respect us only if we keep our heads high and take pride in the fact that we are Indians. Happy Republic Day!

Let us bow our heads in gratitude and respect for the numerous sacrifices our freedom fighters made for us. Vande Mataram!

This year, let’s pledge to keep the country clean and people safe. Happy Republic Day!

No nation is perfect, it is us who can make it one. Happy Republic Day!

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our soul, Let’s salute the nation on Republic Day. Happy Republic Day!

This is the Country of Colors and Faith in Spirituals.Lets This Republic Day Reminds Us for the Work andLife Given by Our Leaders to Safe and Happy Life.Happy  Republic Day !

Happy Republic Day  to Fellow Indians… Way to Reach Much More Heights to Develop Our Country to Prosperous and Healthy 1 in the World. Jai Hind!

We Should Not Forget the Sacrifice of Hero’s Like Subhas and Laxmi Narayanan of Azad Hind Fauz. Happy Republic Day !

Let Us Get Educated, Evolved and Engaged in Hard Work to Take Our Country to Greater Heights. Long Live Our Republic & It’s Common People. Wish You All a Very Warm Happy Republic Day !

Recalling and RejoicingIn the Victory of Our Freedom FightersOn This Republic DayBest Wishes to All.  republic day thought

JusticeLibertyEqualityFraternityMay our dream of a new tomorrow come true for usHappy Republic Day.

I’ve got a rocketIn my pocket;I cannot stop 2 play.Away it goes!I’ve burned my toes.It’s Republic Day.

On this special day,lets promise our motherland thatwe will do everythingto enrich and preserve our heritageour ethos and our treasurehappy republic day.

On this day think of our past andTry to built better future for all of us..It is a duty of all of us!!I am proud to be an Indian.Happy Republic Day

Quotes on Republic Day:

You can send these already written patriotic republic day quotes to your brother, sister, son, or daughter. These 26 January quotes prove to be inspirational republic day quotes because these are a special set of words said by famous personalities. So, choose any best short quotation and wish them Happy Republic Day.

May the purity and peace lie within each citizen of our country and that we continue with the wheel of progress every day. May the majestic colours of our Indian Flag wave high with prosperity and patriotism. Happiest Republic Day!

I praise thee mother! With the glory of moonlight dreams, Over thy branches and lordly streams. Loveliest of all earthly lands, Showering wealth from well-stored hands. Wishing all a very Happy Republic day!

The celebration of the Republic day is in our minds, may the strength in our body the pureness in our blood flow and lets us all stand and give respect to our country India on Republic day. A very Happy Republic Day!

May the great and brave leaders of India guide us to peace and prosperity so that with raise our head high and be proud of our country and the work they did for this country. We salute them on this day, Happy Republic day!

Our nation is the greatest in the world, but let us strive to make it even better. Happy Republic Day!

Let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part ofIndia. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAYRepublic Day

Be proud that you live in a country that has such a rich history and heritage. Happy Republic Day!Happy Republic day

Never Forget The Hero’sWho Sacrificed Their LivesTo Bring Up This Glorious Day To India,Happy Republic Day.Happy Republic Day

Today the constitution was India was made and we got independence in true sense. Don’t celebrate, but respect the day. Happy Republic Day !India Flag Card

We the youth of India should take the pledge that till our last breath we will fight terrorism, we will protect our mother INDIA with all we have — JAI HIND!!Happy Republic Day

May the great and brave leaders of India guide us to peace and prosperity so that with raise our head high and be proud of our country and the work they did for this country. We salute them on this day, Happy Republic day!

There shall be freedom of expression, freedom in our heart and soul. Let’s remember the beauty and diversity of our nation on this day. Happy Republic Day!

Let’s remember the greatness and the rich heritage of our country and unite to preserve it forever. Let’s instill the patriotism and peace within us so that we are able to spread it around the world. Wishing you a very Happy  Republic Day!

We should all pray that every elder spread peace to their young, let every teacher impart knowledge and prosperity, let the parents instill kindness and gratitude among the children and everyone around them. We pray together on this day for a better future ahead, Happy Republic Day!

 Let the constitution give us peace, faith and freedom. So let us come together to celebrate our glorious republic nation and feel proud to be an Indian. Wishing you all a very glorified Republic Day!

“On this day, let us come together to make our country better!.”

“People may come and go, but the love for our nation will never fade away.”  republic day greetings

“Sacrifice for our Nation should never be a Choice.”

“If we do good for our country, in return we will get the same from her.”

“Feel proud to be an Indian and be strong like a soldier.” Happy Republic Day!

Status for Republic Day:

This is the best way to wish someone by using these republic day statuses. To recall all the sacrifices that our freedom fighters had done. So, What are you waiting for? select from the above quotes for updating WhatsApp status on republic day and for a caption, you can pick any line from the list below.

May You Have Enough HappinessTo Make You Sweet,Enough Trials To Make You Strong,Enough Sorrow To Keep You Human AndEnough Hope To Bring Joy To Our Nation.Happy Republic Day!


The Almighty In The Most High GrantsLiberty Only To Those Who Love It,And Are Always Ready To Defend ItHappy Republic Day!


The Far We Have As A Nation,The Endless Problems,And The Struggle For Justice,Freedom And Equal RightsFor Every Patriot Calls For Love,Peace And Unity Among The Citizens Of This Nation.Happy Republic Day!

May the blessings of the divine takes care of our soldiers on the borders. May the enemies of the nation be eliminated with the utmost severity. Grateful are we for their tireless and selfless services, may all the capable people contribute towards the welfare of their community. Long live India! Jai Hind! Vande Mataram

Let us soak in fearlessness to drive this country towards advancements in science, sports, arts and other fields. May every citizen contribute to the economy of this country. Jai Hind!

May pride be the forefront of your personality. May the zeal and enthusiasm of our National Flag propels you to achieve everything to elevate the pride of our country. Blessed are those who have been born here, the sacrifices of our freedom fighters will never be forgotten.

Let our conscience and morality will always be for the betterment of this country. Let our identity be always known as Indian first, no matter what the majority or minority group we belong to. We are proud to be Indians, who gave immense value to the world.

Life rewards those who are valiant in their demeanor. The world respects those who are persistent in their journey. Do not let the efforts of our freedom fighters to go in vain, for we are successful because of their selfless efforts. Happy Republic Day to you and everyone in your family!

Let us come together to celebrate the making of India.Happy 26th January!

Happy Republic Day!May the God shower His choicest blessings upon this great nation!

This Republic Day let’s make a promise that no one stays hungry, uneducated and without health services.

Sweetness of Bengal,colors of Gujarat,beauty of Kashmir,and the culture of Kerala.This is one nation that is great from north to south and from east to west!

Let’s not forget that it has cost us three hundred years of struggle to earn freedom. It is time to rise and stand for our beliefs.

Freedom is our birth right, but was snatched away from us, Our nation earned this freedom after making great sacrifices, Let’s never take it for granted! Happy Republic Day! happy republic day wishes quotes

Let’s salute the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and soldiers who made us realise the dream of an independent and unified India. Happy Republic Day!

Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words, Pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls, Zeal in our hearts, Let’s salute our India on Republic Day. Happy Republic Day.

Whether you be young or old, tall or short, light skin or dark skin, we all must come together to show the whole world that this nation is the best nation under the sun! Happy Republic Day to you and your loved ones!

Let new India arise out of peasants cottage, grasping the plough, out of huts, cobbler and sweeper.


So, this was the best collection of 26 January quotes and wishes. Hope you and your loved ones would love these quotes and wishes. You may put Whatsapp status for republic day to wish everyone a happy 26th January. You can also put them on your Whatsapp profile(DP) to spread patriotic vibes around your loved ones. 

We wish you a very Happy Republic Day. If you have any kind of experience then share it with us by using the comment box.

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