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Sometimes it is not possible to be together during the night and both of you are missing each other. Then sweet good night messages from your partner can be a game-changer. This will make both of you feel better and ease the situation. So, if you are wishing your partner and you have no idea about what kind of lines you have to send them. Then, don’t worry. We are here for your help.

For your ease to wish, we are listing here some of the best and wonderful good night messages, wishes, and quotes that you can send to your girlfriend(GF). These good night wishes, messages, and quotes will prove to be the best to wish your dear ones a sweet good night. So, without wasting your time, just go through with these good night messages for her. 

Sweet Good Night Message for Her:

Here, you will find some good night messages that you can send to your girlfriend(GF). These romantic good night messages will surely boost your relationship bond with your loved ones and make them feel impressed by realizing that you will always be with them no matter what the situations come. So, scroll down and pick the best message that would match your feelings.

Even though you always look like an angel, the look you have when you are asleep is as peaceful as any beautiful flower and the dreams you have should be cherished.

Sending you the best as the night falls upon us for a peaceful sleep and good night.

Lovely dreams and cheery moments will find you in your dreams as you sleep.

While the stars light up the sky, your love fulfills me and while you dream the best of dreams, may I be one of the first things you think of in the morning.

The last person I think of while going to the bed is you! Have a lovely sleep with sweet dreams Sweetheart! Good Night!

Thank you for making my reality better than dreams. You make me the happiest person on planet Earth. Thank you for everything. Have a good night, honey.

I want you to have the sweetest and happiest dream every night. Good night my sweetheart.

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Sweetest dreams!

You are the brightest star in my life; sleep well. I love you. Good night, sweetheart.

There may be a billion yesterdays and a trillion tomorrows, but there is only ever one today. I would never let one day pass without letting you know that I am thinking of you. Goodnight love.good night message for girlfriend

Dear girlfriend, I hope you have a night that will help you prepare for an even better day tomorrow. Have a good night’s sleep. Sending over endless love and affection for you, my dear.

I feel happy because I have someone to think of every night before I go to sleep. Not many people are as lucky as I’m. Good night!

Sweetheart! I cannot wait any longer to be in your arms. My wish will come true one day that we wake up together in the morning. Till then Good Night!

I miss you a lot. Have a nice sleep and a beautiful dream. Good Night my dear!

My girl, I am sending you lots of hugs, A blow of kisses, And, cuddles and more, Just to show that I love you so much, Just to show that I am missing your touch I love you, Wish you a lovely night!

My life will become complete when every night ends with us cuddling together. May your dreams be wonderful, dear. I love you so much.

I hope you are having the best sleep tonight. I’m feeling so happy thinking that tomorrow will be a new day in my life with you still in it. Good night my love!

Darling, keep your worries aside. Just close your eyes and meet me in your dreams.

Nights are filled with magic and mystery. Let’s make it more magical tonight with the spell of our love. Good night my sweetheart!

You and I, are two souls made for each other and destined for the heaven of love. Together we will make the greatest love story ever. Good night!

Good Night Text for Her:

This section contains some amazing good night messages for a girlfriend. You can use these texts to update your Facebook status, Instagram story, and Whatsapp status about wishing your dear ones a good night. This action will put a huge impact on your dear ones. And, we assure you, when she sees your status a sweet smile will come on her face. So, what is stopping you from making your loved ones smile? Take a look at this amazing collection and select the best one to send her.

You may think that I forgot you. You may think that I don’t care, and you may think that I’m not thinking of you. Well, you’re wrong. You’re still in my dreams.

One last look at your face before the lights are off, helps me sleep well and keeps my heart beating. I love you so much. Have a tight sleep tonight!

Wishing good night to the prettiest girl who holds my whole world. Love you, babe.

I am sending you a kiss tonight but you’ll have it in your dream. So, sleep now or you may just miss the timing. Good night sweetie!

When I go to bed I miss something. That is you, dear! So, I take my cell phone and send you a text. Have a sweet dream my love, Good Night!

Sometimes I may be alone, maybe sleepy but that cannot restrict me from sending you lovely messages, sweetie! I will keep doing this until the night we are together with each other!

There will come a time when you will fall asleep in my arms, and nothing will make me happier than that. I hope you have a good night. Love yaa.

I can’t wait for the time to arrive when I have you sleeping by my side, and your beautiful face will be the first thing I see in the morning. I don’t ever want to be without you, girl. Good night, sleep tight.

You work so hard, babe. You should take some time to give your body and mind some rest. Go to bed and sleep tight. May you wake up feeling refreshed. I love you so much, babe.

Just a few hours left of the night, but I really can’t wait to hold you in my arms and give a kiss on your forehead. Sleep tight, my love. See you in the morning!good night quotes for her

Every night, when I see you lying beside me, sleeping like an angel, I cannot help reminding myself how lucky I am for having you. Good night my love.

I always look forward to seeing your beautiful face right at the moment I wake up. Good night. See you in the morning.

I just can’t describe, how I feel. With my loneliness, I just can’t deal. All I can think of is meeting you. This intense despair, I hope you can feel too. Good night.

I wish I could come there to you, I wish I could hug you tight, Instead of just wishing you a plain good night, Anyways do dream of me on this night, And sleep tight!

Although I love the stars that dot the night sky, I love the stars in your eyes even more. While I sleep, I will think about my favorite stars and wait to be with you again.

There is something that is big, warm and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you!

I miss you so much and really want to snuggle with you right now. You make everything alright, babe. Love you so much. Meet me in my dreams.

You are the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up and the last thing when I sleep. Thank you for always making me happy. I hope to hear your angelic voice tomorrow. Goodnight, my love.

Knowing I will spend the rest of my night dreaming with you is enough to get me sleepy. I never want to lose what we have. Sleep well, dear one.

Sweet lady, have a blissful night ahead. I hope you will wake up feeling as majestic and beautiful as ever. Never let anything put you down.

Good Night Quotes for Her:

In this section, we presented some best good night quotes. These are the best quotes that you will ever find on the internet. You can copy any quotes free of cost. These good night quotes for her will work like magic for your best dear ones and help you to express your love and care towards her. So, what are you waiting for now? Go through these quotes and choose the best one among them.

Goodnight, dear girlfriend. I think about you all the time, and I know you have what it takes to face your fears. May this night be peaceful and restful. Get enough sleep because you need the energy to glow tomorrow.

Every day has been special since I met you. Your bright smile has taken the night away and has given me hope. Because of you, I believe that true love exists. I am forever grateful to you. Goodnight.

I am proud to know that I have you for life because you are my support system. As you sleep, think of us, and all the good times we will have. Goodnight, sweetheart.

At night, the moon gets light from the sun, and the sun gets light from you because you glow too much. Thank you for being my ever-present helper and for standing by my side. Have a good night’s rest.

Thinking of you makes me jealous of your pillows and sheets because they get to touch and feel your warmth. I wish I could run my hands through your hair and smell your baby face. Have a divine night.

All the stars combined would still not amount to the brightness you have brought in my life. You are constantly running on my mind, and I hope to spend more days and nights with you soon. Goodnight, beautiful one.

Every night before I sleep, I think about how long it took me to find a soulmate, and it makes me fall in love with you even more. You are phenomenal and beautiful, and I hope you keep that in mind forever. Goodnight.

Spending the rest of my life with you is the only thing that keeps me going. I can’t wait to spend nights and make new memories with you. Have a peaceful night, baby girl.

For all the times you put a smile on my face and helped me get through the worst days, I will forever be grateful. You are one in a million and an angel in human disguise. Goodnight!

With every passing night, I count down the days to our wedding. I am excited about the next chapter, and I pray it brings all we ever dreamt or imagined. Nothing compares to what you make me feel. Sleep tight, my love.good night message for her

Embrace the night and savor all your dreams. Yesterday is gone, and all we have is tomorrow. Stay hopeful in the present and work towards making your dreams come alive. Have a restful night and a productive day tomorrow.

I long for the first night we will spend together. I hope you think about us as much as I do. Always keep in mind that I love you till the end of time. Sleep well, dear one.

My sweet lady, I presume your day has been as lovely as you are. Sleep and rest well, so you can wake up younger and energetic for the big day tomorrow. Goodnight.

Words cannot describe how much I love and adore you. We have had one of the best days of our lives, and it is my prayer we will have such days for the rest of our lives. Goodnight, fair lady.

Hey, pretty face. I hope today has been a good day for you. I have been thinking about you and how much impact you have on me. I will be lying next to you when you wake up. Goodnight.

Good Night, my love. I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you in the morning.

Hello, sweetie. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you all day. Have a rewarding night and pleasant dreams. I love you.

It is so hard to be away from you. I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to be home, to slip into your arms. Good Night. Sending warm hugs and kisses.

Good Night, darling. Sleep well, and may all your dreams be beautiful. Always remember how much I love you. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I had such a wonderful time with you tonight. You looked so beautiful, and I enjoyed our conversation over dinner. Sleep well and have the best dreams.

Good Night Wishes for Her:

In this section, we presented some good night wishes for her. These good night wishes are just looking simple in appearance but we assure you, these wishes will impress your love and make her fall in your love. You can also send these wishes via a simple msg. You can also add your lines to make these wishes to give your personal touch. So, without wasting your time, just select the best one and send it to her.

I am so sorry for having to work late tonight. I wish I could be with you. Sleep well my love, and have sweet dreams.

You are the most beautiful woman, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Goodnight, my love, and have pleasant dreams.

Thank you so much for the exciting night we had. I hope you sleep well and have dreams as beautiful as you are.

I enjoyed our date tonight, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Wishing you a peaceful and restful sleep. Lovely dreams, my dear.

There are very few people I feel comfortable being around. You are one of them. We have so much in common. Thank you for everything, and have a splendid night ahead.

I miss going to bed with you at night and waking up by your side. I can’t wait to get home and fall into your arms. Goodnight, dear. Sleep well.

You are the woman of my dreams. I hope your goals and aspirations are as great as mine. I love you so much. Sleep well, my darling.

Hotel rooms are so lonely without you. Even a boring conference would be much better if you were here. I love you, darling. Good Night.

Good Night, sweetheart. I think about you all the time when you and I’m very proud of you. Have the best day tomorrow.

Good luck with your presentation tomorrow. You are beautiful, strong, and intelligent. Don’t be nervous. I know you will do great. Sleep well and have the best dreams.good night text for her

Millions of stars twinkling in the vast skies, but there is only one that is dear to me. Good night and see you in the morning.

Billions of sweet smiles in the world, but yours is the one that calms my soul. I look forward to every tomorrow with you by my side.

Every day is a new adventure when you are near me. You challenge me, and force me to be a better man. Good night, sweetheart.

You are mine, and I am yours for eternity. So for now, good night.

Life is never without its bumps. To have you by my side, I’m willing to deal with all these bumps no matter what it takes. Good night, dearest.

Today was a wonderful day because you were right here with me. Tomorrow will be a new day. Sleep tight tonight and have many wonderful dreams.

I swear that I will spend every waking hour giving you more reasons to love me. I love you dearly. Sweet dreams.

I never want to be without you. You lift me up on my down days, and I trust you to have my back no matter the troubles I get into. Good night, dearest.

There is no ocean I would not cross to get to you if needed. Stay sweet and strong. Love conquers every hurdle. Don’t worry about today for it is done. Don’t fret about tomorrow because it is pre-destined.

Hugs and kisses for a restful night. I dream of the day when I can wake up in your loving arms. For now, good night and pleasant dreams.


So, this was the best collection of good night wishes, messages, and quotes that you can share with your girlfriend. We hope this collection would prove to be helpful for you to make your loved one’s night more peaceful. You can share these most beautifully written lines through various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. So,  send these most lovely and romantic good night messages, wishes, and quotes to your dear one and make her feel better.

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