Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Boyfriend (Him)

In this world, lucky are those who have found their true love. It is the most special thing that happens in any person’s life. And it is more special if it’s your boyfriend’s birthday. You can make his birthday memorable for him by sending some best romantic birthday wishes messages. So, if you are confused about how to wish your boyfriend on his birthday, then don’t worry because here in this article we have listed some amazing birthday wishes for your boyfriend. Use some of these wishes and say Happy birthday my boy and see him fall in love with you forever again!! Just use the words Happy birthday boy and see the magic.

Here, on this page, we have also listed some funny birthday wishes and some wonderful birthday greetings Funny birthday wishes for boyfriend will make you both laugh. So, what are you waiting for pick some best lines from our collection and send them to your boyfriend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend:

Birthday wishes are the best way to wish your lover on his birthday. On your boyfriend’s birthday, you have a chance to show your love and care towards him. You don’t need to do any special work for that, you just have copy some below listed amazing birthday wishes and send them to your boyfriend. He will feel amazed when he received such wishes from you. So, check out our collection Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend.

I’d like to wish a lovely and very Happy Birthday to the prince in my life.

Even when my skies are grey, you brighten every day. You will always be the love and light in my life. Happy Birthday!

For the most handsome boyfriend in the universe, I hope your birthday is all you could ever want. With love and devotion, always, your very happy girlfriend.

For your birthday, I want to give you cuddles and soft kisses under the stars, but most of all I want you to know how happy I am to be your girl.

All the boys in the world should learn from you, how a Boyfriend should be. You are the best Boyfriend. I Love You. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!

You are the person who always hold my hand gently, who listen to my voice day and night, and make everything right that goes around me. Happy Birthday to that boyfriend.

I am sending you tons of love on your Birthday, May this Birthday is as cool and awesome as you are!! Happy Birthday, Darling!

You have given me a lot of lovely and Irreplaceable memories in my life. So, I am sending you tons of Birthday wishes my boyfriend. Happy Birthday to the boy I have fallen for, Stay Blessed!

On your birthday, I just want to let you know that you are the most important person of life. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday sweetheart!

We started with casual dating but now it is a serious relationship. I just can’t wait for the day when you’ll be promoted from being a boyfriend to husband in my life. Happy birthday honey!

Your love has made me realize how beautiful life can be! You are the best thing happened to me, ever. Happy birthday love!

Of all the boyfriends I have ever had, you are the best one and that’s why I want to get married to you as soon as possible. Love you boy! Happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

You light up my world with your smiles. Happy birthday love!

You are my knight in shining armor, the peanut butter to my jelly, and the man of my dreams. Happy birthday!

I hope your birthday is as wonderful and as special of a boyfriend as you are. Have a great day, honey.

On your birthday, I promise to treat you like a king. Love, your queen.

Being with you makes all the knots of life come undone. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the guy who’s has always been my heartthrob and heartbeat, never my heartbreak or heartache.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend like you. Same pinch, because you are the luckiest boyfriend in the world to have a girlfriend like me. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the boyfriend that most girls can only dream of having. I love you.

Your smile, love, and laugh make me live my life more happily. Thanks for all the support you gave me in my life. Happy Birthday to my superhero.

You are like the sun which have unlimited happiness, love, strength, inspiration and smile. Happy Birthday to my sweet and charming SUN! 🙂

As a second passes my love for you also raises, so, let’s celebrate the special day where love gets even stronger like you my love! Happy Birthday lovely Boyfriend!

You are a special person for me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for Birthday as a boyfriend. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend:

Send some beautiful birthday messages to your boyfriend to make his day special. These romantic happy birthday text message for boyfriend are very unique and also help you to express your love and inner feelings towards your love. So, pick any best bday message of your choice and send it to your boyfriend.

Your Arms are like my home, where I get the peace and strength to live. Happy Birthday to the person who is full of comforts.

I am making your Birthday sweeter by coating me on it. For the world, you may be 1 man but for me you are my world. Happy Birthday wishes boyfriend!!

In every story, the princess ends up with a charming prince. So thank you for lifting all of my curses with just the touch of your lips. I love you, happy birthday!

To the handsomest birthday boy, you have a quiet strength that makes my heart sing. I love you and cherish our time together.

From the moment I saw you, I was intrigued by your smile and handsome charm. Now it is your special day, and I want you to know I am still head-over-heels.

For the guy who can charm me from across the room with just a smile, I hope this day brings everything you want and more!

Here’s sending the most beautiful flowers and the most special birthday wishes packed with lots of love and warmth. May you be the happiest! Happy birthday honey!

My honey bunch, my jiggle puffy, my sweetu… you have no clue how much you mean to me! Love you my boy! Happy birthday!

On your birthday, I just want to let you know that you are my universe and I love you like anything. Happy birthday!

Today, I want to thank God for blessing me with a boyfriend like you, who is so supportive and so caring. Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday to the love and light of my life, my boyfriend!

Thank you for all the love, care and beautiful memories that you have given me. I am so lucky to be your girl. Have an amazing day!

Do you know whom I love the most in this world? You! Yes you! I wish you the happiest birthday my love.

happy birthday messages for boyfriend

It’s your birthday sweetheart! Let’s cuddle up!

Happy birthday to the guy whose smiles and laughter I live by. Thanks for making my life tick.

Being in a relationship with you is crazier than the craziest roller coaster ride. I love my life, all thanks to a wonderful boyfriend like you. Happy birthday.

Falling in love with you is the only fall I have ever enjoyed. Happy birthday.

I started dating you because I thought that you were a good looking catch. Now my thoughts have changed, and I think that we are the perfect match. Happy birthday handsome.

My sweet boyfriend, you’re going to need a lot of help blowing out your candles this year.

Congrats on becoming another year old but not wiser. It’s a good thing you have good looks. Happy Birthday.

Here is a sweet birthday wish from your rotten girlfriend. Love you always. Happy Birthday.

You should be smiling on your birthday, Honey! The more birthdays you have, the longer you’ll live.

Your Arms are like my home, where I get the peace and strength to live. Happy Birthday to the person who is full of comforts.

I am making your Birthday sweeter by coating me on it. For the world, you may be 1 man but for me you are my world. Happy Birthday wishes boyfriend!!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend:

Having a great relationship bond with your boyfriend is such a blessing from God. You can make your relationship bond stronger by sending some beautiful quotes from the collection of happy birthday quotes for him. These bday romantic quotes are very unique and meaningful. Your boyfriend would love these birthday quotations, and he will also feel very special and blessed. So, share these happy birthday quotes to him on his birthday. Below you will also find some funny birthday quotes that will make laugh your boyfriend.

There is no one else I would wish to be with forever than you because you are my greatest love, the one person who holds my heart right now.

Happy birthday to you, my dear, I wish that you would realize that this my heart only beats for you and it will always be beating for you.

Even after a long time together, you have not changed and I still love the way your eyes would wrinkle at the sides whenever you smile, happy birthday!

You deserve an award for being the best boyfriend ever in the world, I hope you are blessed on your birthday today, keep on being that way.

Your love, kindness, smile, gentleness, make you a perfect boyfriend. You are mine and always will be. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.

I am having only one desire in the world that I can make you the happiest person in the world my love. I love you baby.

Happy Birthday to the cutest and best boyfriend, without whom I can never imagine my life full of so much love and happiness!

Your touch gives me the feeling of safety and warmth. It makes me feel like home. Happy Birthday to my prince who always loves me with full heart <3 !!

It’s always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone as sweet as you.

I’m so excited to be with you for your birthday this year. Here’s to making sure the upcoming year is filled with fun, love, and romance together. I can’t wait for all of the wonderful times the next year will bring us.

You are the hottest guy at school! Thank you for being my partner in crime as we navigate the world together. Happy Birthday!

Every day I spend with you, I am reminded of how lucky of a woman I am, to have a man as wonderful as you by my side. Happy birthday, I love you.

You have spoiled me with your love and care. You are the reason why I behave like a princess. I just can’t thank enough for the love that you shower on me. On your birthday, sending all the love that I have to you. Happy birthday!

happy birthday quotes for boyfriend

May God give you all the happiness in life and may you be the luckiest. I just want you to be happy my love. Happy birthday!

I might annoy you, fight with you, argue you and cancel the plan last minute. But know that none makes me feel home like you do. This birthday, I just want to thank you for being you! Happy birthday love!

You make me feel home, my love. You are more than just a boyfriend. You are my life! Thank you for existing in my universe. Happy birthday honey!

Hey You! We’ve been together for a long while, but I still get weak knees when I see you smile. Happy birthday.

I hope I can keep you happier, than the happiest boyfriend in the world. I love you.

I like your cute smile but what I like more, is the way you make me smile. I love you, happy birthday.

Celebrating your birthday is a reminder that being your girlfriend makes every day of life worth celebrating. Muah.

To the birthday boy, you’re getting up there in age. Don’t spend too much time counting your candles or you’ll get dizzy.

I hope you’re feeling gracious on your birthday, it’s better to be alive than 6 feet under. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy birthday, honey. I’ll stick around forever…or at least until you stop looking younger than your true age. Stay sexy!

I can’t find the cake underneath all these candles! Happy Birthday, old man.

Remember, it’s not that you’re older than me, you’re just a little more experienced. Happy birthday from your girlfriend!

Happy Birthday Status for Boyfriend:

A birthday is a very special day in anyone’s life,  but it is also special for you if it is your boyfriend’s birthday. So, celebrate this day by sending him some beautiful birthday status. Below we have listed some amazing birthday captions and status. You can use these happy birthday statuses on social media. We have also listed some Facebook statuses that you can use as a post on social media. So, pick the best one and send it to your love.

Growing old is not one the things I look forward to, but if it means spending more years with you, then I can’t wait to become a grumpy old lady! Happy birthday, I love you!

I am so excited to spend the day with you! I have the most amazing birthday surprises planned. I know you will never forget today, Happy (age) Birthday!

The best thing in the world is getting to celebrate the birthday of the one you love. I am so lucky I can call you mine. Happy Birthday.

It has only been a short time since we started seeing each other, but I cannot imagine my life without you. Here’s to this birthday and the ones to come.

Today, I want to thank you mom and dad… because today we are together because of them as they gave birth to you. Happy birthday lucky boy!

Love is all I have for you, to gift you on your birthday today! Please accept it and give me a smile in return. Happy birthday sweetheart!

I may not be the most beautiful girl in this world. I may not be poise and I may have flaws, but one thing I can assure you that no one will love you like I do. Feel loved this birthday! Sending a warm hug your way. Happy birthday!

You are my home away from home! You are my lifeline. I love you boy, like a crazy girlfriend. You’ve driven my crazy. Happy birthday!

My love is only for you, my eyes search only for you, and my heart is beating only for you. Happy birthday babe!

As each year passes, I get to know more and more the man that I adore and care about. That is you my dear, and I love what I see. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!

Happy birthday to the best, most handsome, coolest, most bad-ass, rocking boyfriend on earth!

Thanks for being such a great listener and the best boyfriend around. Happy birthday!

On your birthday there’s a promise I want to make… I’ll always be the sweet cherry on your life’s cake. Happy birthday.

happy birthday status for boyfriend

All girlfriends would be happy like me… if all boyfriends were as awesome as you. Happy birthday.

Amazing boyfriends like you, these days are rare and few. Happy birthday!

A boyfriend who is super sweet, deserves more than a thousand birthday tweets. Have a Happy Birthday!!

Congratulations on your 10,950th days alive. Happy 30th Birthday, Sweetie!

Dear boyfriend, if you really love me, you’d be happy to use your one birthday wish on me. Have a great birthday!

You’re a lucky birthday boy to have a girlfriend like me. Happy Birthday to you.

I’m a jealous girlfriend. You’d better not accept any Happy Birthday unless they are coming from me. My sweet boyfriend, you are kind, caring, thoughtful, and very attentive. Sorry…I thought today was opposite day! Happy Birthday!

You made every day worth living. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy birthday to the man who rocks my world, I love you so much baby!

I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday, love. Stay awesome.

You are my one and only Superman, my cosmic Spider-Man, ultra strong Ironman, my whole justice league. Happy birthday, my love. In plain English, you are my hero!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest person I know! Have an awesome day and stay blessed. Happy Birthday!

Wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.

If I could put my heart on paper and ink for you, I would have done it. Not because I’m crazy, but to show you how much I love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is so special to me — as special as you are in my life.

Conclusion : :

So, the above were some best collections of Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend, long birthday messages for boyfriend, best birthday quotes. We hope your boyfriend would love these amazing birthday wishes, messages, and quotes. Send these romantic short birthday messages to him, these romantic msg will work like magic for your relationship. So, what are you waiting for, simply just copy these bday wishes or messages and share them with your boyfriend. These happy birthday wishes can be shared on various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or Twitter.

You can also use these wishes and messages to make special birthday greeting cards. Your love or boyfriend will surprise when he received such a Birthday greeting card from her girlfriend. And if you like any wishes or messages from the above collection, please let us know in the comment section below.

We wish your Boyfriend (BF) or Love a Happy Birthday!! 🎂 🎉🎈


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