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Your wife is the most important person for you in this world. She plays the role of your better half, mother, to your kids and is like a daughter to your parents. What can you do to make her birthday truly special and memorable so that she eagerly waits for it every year? There are so many things to make her birthday special, but the thing is, how will you start her day?

You can send birthday wishes for wife to make her feel special. These birthday wishes to wife from husband will make her smile. You can send funny birthday wishes to make her day happy. After getting these wishes, she will love you more than before because all this shows how much effort you are making to make her happy. So, send these romantic wishes, messages, and quotes to your wife.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife:

What can be the best way to start her day with lots of love? You don’t have to do anything big. What you have to do is, send these birthday wishes in English to start her day. These are the best lines with love we have collected for you. Here, we have a collection of birthday greetings to my wifey that contain a hidden meaning so that your true feelings and emotions are expressed. Send birthday greetings to wife with a name card and she will never forget this day. You can also send these birthday wishes for wife on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

You certainly are the love of my life. I still cannot believe that you have said yes to a man like me. Seriously, I always thank God for having you by my side and for waking up next to you every morning. May you have an amazing day, happy birthday!

There is nothing that I want more than to spend the next one hundred birthdays of yours by my side. I love you my sweetheart, happy birthday.

Nothing is truly hotter than an older woman. Of course, you never look that part, but we both know what your little secret is. Happy Birthday my gorgeous wife, I love you!

I love you so much my dear and there is no words that can express how I feel. Happy Birthday to you and I wish you many more birthdays to come.

More than a wife, in you I have found a friend for life. Happy birthday.

On your birthday I want to make a promise that I will not tire, until I fulfill all your wishes and desires. Happy birthday.

Good times become better and bad times become tolerable when shared with a life partner like you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the perfect wife who has made me the perfect husband that I am today.

You amaze me in so many ways. I appreciate you for all you do and give, day after day. Hope your birthday’s as happy as you make me.

You mean so much to me, You’re beautiful, inside and out. I love our life together.

I’m the luckiest person in the world to have you as my wife.


I’m so grateful for you. You have such a beautiful, caring heart. I believe in you and your dreams. I love you more every year.

happy birthday messages for wife

You only get more beautiful and amazing with time. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the only woman I would want to be shipwrecked on a tropical island with

Happy Birthday – It’s your day for dreams to come true. May your life be filled with love and happiness.

Every year with you is better than the last. Thank you for that, sweetheart! Happy Birthday!

My dear, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer and on this special day it is no different, Happy Birthday and yours forever.

My dear wife, you know how much I always wish to give you the best of what the world can offer. This day is no different. So I wish you a very happy birthday and I promise to love you forever!

Birthdays may come and go. But our love and respect for each other will certainly be rock solid and none of the forces of the universe can alter it. Happy birthday to you, my gorgeous wife!

My darling, I’m wishing you the kind of life that you truly deserve – a life that is filled with so much happiness. May you have a very happy birthday!

Birthday Greetings for Wife:

Send birthday greetings for wife on Facebook and you will make her even more popular because of your love for him. A wish saying happy birthday to my sweet wife is all that you need to show her your love and concern. A wonderful love greeting is that she could ever ask for. These love greetings will give her more reasons to love you. All this shows how much care you do. Send birthday thoughts to your sweet wife and she will surely be impressed by your gesture. There are so many things to say to your wife on her birthday, but there is nothing better than to say happy birthday to my wife. 

I love your smile, I love your touch, I love your stares, I love your body, I love you! You are simply irresistible. Happy birthday to my wife.

You are my greatest treasure, my greatest love, my everything. Happy birthday my wife!

I must have been a gambler in my past life, because boy I did get lucky to win you as my prize. Happy birthday darling!

You make my heart sing with your sweet smile. You make my heart skip a beat when you touch me. You make me crazy. Happy birthday to the most important person in my world.

Dear, I want you to know that you still look hot even after all these years that we have been married. I can certainly not imagine a more beautiful wife than you. Happy birthday, my dear.

I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed. You are as beautiful now as ever before, perhaps even more so!

I am such a lucky man to celebrate your birthday with you. I love you now and always, my beautiful wife!

Through the years, you have given me the gift of your heart. On your birthday, please know you have my heart and all that I can possibly give.

In my arms, I want you to be. My love for you, I want you to see. My heart beats, I want you to feel. Layers of my emotions, I want you to peel. In my eyes, I want you to gaze. Lost together, I want us, in love’s daze. Happy birthday.

I will forever love you even when I won’t be able to remember my own name. Your love will shine through my last breath. I love you my darling wife!

Birthday Greetings for Wife

Nothing feels more wonderful than waking up next to you. You truly are the gift of my life.

You are the best adventure of my life. Thank you for taking the ride with me. I love you my bride!

When I walk in the garden I do not find any flower that catches my fancy because I already have you baby. You are the most beautiful woman in the world and with each passing year your beauty just radiates more and more. Happy Birthday to you dear wife.

As you celebrate another year of life may health and happiness be yours always, and may God grant you a long and fulfilled life. Happy Birthday darling.

There is nothing I want more than to spend the next 100 birthdays by your side. If that is not possible, then we might have to pull a “Notebook” because I cannot live a day without you. Happy birthday to my other half.

Nothing is hotter than an older woman. Of course, you don’t look the part, but we both know your little secret. Happy Birthday my beautiful wife!

From the very first time that I set my eyes on you, I knew deep within my heart that you were the right life partner for me. And how right I was! You constantly let my heart overflow with indescribable joy and happiness.

No amount of riches in this world can brighten my world like your presence in my life, my sweet love. All I need in this life is you because you are the reason this heart of mine beats.

Babe, in addition to the oceans of kisses that I’m sending you on your Big Day, I also want to tell you for the billionth time that my heart will always be your home because my love for you is everlasting.

The reason every blessed day of mine is sunny is simply because of the love you give me. Happy birthday, my love. You are and will always be my sunshine.

Happy Birthday Messages for Wife:

Here, we have a great collection of birthday message for wife. These sweet birthday messages will you to make your bond more strong and increase your love. You can express your feelings and emotion through this happy birthday msg. You can send these messages on any social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram or you can directly send birthday SMS by text. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick one of these birthday wishes and send it to your lovely wife.

Most people read quotes to find the true meaning of life, but all I need to do is to look into your eyes. Happy birthday.

Your birthday is a sweet reminder that our relationship is all about looking into the years that lie ahead. The past has never mattered, and never will. Happy birthday.

There may be hundreds of ways to wish you a happy birthday, but the best one is to give you a hug and whisper sweet nothings as we sway to love’s tango.

Hoping this birthday greeting brings a whole lot of love and wishes for a day of all the nicest things.

I know you have a lot of things to do, so I’m going to go ahead and take them off your hands and do them for you. Happy Birthday – I love you!

Happy Birthday honey! I found this gift card, and thought you would love to indulge. Have fun, Happy Birthday.

When we first decided to get married, I have to admit I was a bit scared. It was a big step for me; yet, you made it look so easy, you made all the huge steps we took in our life look like baby steps. Your charisma makes me admire you even more every day. I love you honey, you’re all a man could wish for. Happy birthday!

My love, ever since we got married, your entire life has been revolved around us, around me, and now, around the kids. You gave up so much for this family to work, and for that, I am forever grateful. And always remember that I love you till we draw our last breath. Happy birthday!

On birthdays, people often wish a lot of things. But for me, there are just two words I want to wish – never and always. I will never leave you and I will always be by your side. I love you so much my dear wife, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous wife! May you be showered with health, prosperity and success all throughout your life!

happy birthday wishes for wife


You’ve been by my side in the best and the worst, in good health and illness, in wealth and poorness, but yet, you never gave up on me. You loved me in the highest of highs and in the lowest of lows. You loved me not for what I had, but for what I was. And for that, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. A place that was cut out just for you from the very first day I met you. Happy birthday!

On the day of our wedding, I thought to myself, that there will be no day where you will be more beautiful than today. Yet, on this beautiful day that is your birthday, even without all the fancy dresses and the makeup, you are so happy, that your smile alone makes you more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Happy birthday!

My love and respect grows for you with each passing day. I am certainly blessed to have you as my partner in life. Happy birthday to you, I love you!

May thanks to the angel who has changed my life in so many ways. You truly made my life bliss, honey. Happy Birthday!

To a wonderful woman and a caring wife, may you always stay as lovable, charming and adorable as you are! I love you so much, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear wife. Your party is sure to be wild and fun tonight. It will be the best birthday party that you will ever have, I love you!

My love, on this day that you celebrate your birthday I wish you to know that you are the best wife in the whole world and I am so lucky to be your husband. Happy Birthday, darling.

Darling, you are my treasure. You fill my life with sunshine every day that we have been together. May you have a wonderful day and Remember that your husband loves you very much. Happy Birthday dear.

May this day bring you joy and remind you that you are special not only to me but to all those who know you for the wonderful lady that you are. Happy Birthday Darling!

You are the fairest of women and I am lucky to be your husband. Baby I wish for you all the good things in life And most of all today I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife:

What can be the best way to wish your wife? According to us, the best way to wish your wife by sending inspirational and motivational birthday quotations. These quotations will inspire her to make good deeds and to get success in life. So, send these birthday quotes for wife to make a special place in her heart. Here, we have an awesome collection of best birthday quotes for wife. Have a look at these lovely inspirational quotes:

I hope you are ready to dance this night away because it’s time to party. Put on your dancing shoes and let’s go out.

I can’t wait to party with you tonight. Let’s celebrate this great day that you were born with cookies and cakes and all the sweets you desire.

I look forward to this day because it means that I get to show you how much you mean to me.

You are more than just my lover, you are also my friend. I love you.

You’re the most wonderful woman in the world to me. You are and will always be – the special girl! Happy birthday!

Season may change. People may come and go. But my love for you will remain constant. I will always love you. Happy Birthday, dear wife!

You are the reason I’m content, happy, and the man that I am. I love you with all my heart.

Every day of my life I want to make sure you know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate you because you are the best.

I am yours eternally. Happy birthday my gorgeous and amazing wife!

How did I get so lucky to have been given the best human being in the world? Happy birthday my lovely wife!

When I wrap you in my arms I feel like I am blessed with all the happiness of the world. Happy birthday to Dear wife.

If you are there to support me I can cross all the barriers of life. Happy birthday wife.

happy birthday quotes for wife

My dear, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer and on this special day it is no different, Happy Birthday and yours forever.

I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed. You are as beautiful now as ever before, perhaps even more so!

I am such a lucky man to celebrate your birthday with you. I love you now and always, my beautiful wife!

Through the years, you have given me the gift of your heart. On your birthday, please know you have my heart and all that I can possibly give.

Happy Birthday dear wife. On this special day I wish to send you my warm wishes and love. You are the best gift that life gave me and I am happy that we found each other.

Through the years you have been my inspiration and my joy. I want to celebrate not only your birthday with you, but also the fact that you are a great person. Happy Birthday.

Your love, tender care and support have kept me going through the seasons. Today, I want to let you know that no matter how many seasons pass you are still the same girl that I fell in love with and married. Happy Birthday to you dear wife.

I am so lucky I married the best girl in the world. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Status for Wife:

If your wife lives far away from you due to her job. It becomes more important for you to make her feel like you are always with her. No matter what you’ll not be going to leave her in any situation. You can use these birthday statuses to make your profile picture (DP) on Whatsapp and Facebook. All this shows, how much you love her. You can also send these statuses through any social media platform. These are the best happy birthday wishes you ever found on the internet.

Baby even if I wanted to forget your birthday I would not be able to because your name and face are the wallpaper of my phone, and every once in a while I am reminded of this special day. Happy Birthday love.

My dear wife, I am amazed that you made it through another year. That you have survived being with me puts you in a class of your own. I want to tell you that you are truly a tough girl and I love you very much. Happy Birthday.

No baby, I have no idea how old you are. I know that you are not a person who says one thing this year and changes it the next year so, I know that you are still as young as you said you were the first time that we met. Happy Birthday to you.

I do not see any grey hairs on your head my love because I have selective color blindness. You still look as young and fresh as when I first saw you. Happy Birthday girl.

My heart and soul belongs to you till the end. I love you my angel, happy birthday!

I am madly in love with you. With you I am content. Happy birthday my lovely wife!

Your beauty is undeniable, your lips are so kissable, your smile is magical, your soul is breathtaking and you are irreplaceable. Have an amazing birthday my bride!

I worship and I value you. You are my precious treasure. Happy birthday my beautiful wife!

You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Happy Birthday dear wife.

It is the greatest blessing of my life to have you as my wife.

happy birthday status for wife

I thank God every day for you dear wife. I am so happy to celebrate this day with you.

I count down the days until your birthday gets here because I am so excited to celebrate with you.

Happy birthday to the love of my life. I can’t wait to celebrate tonight when we blow out the candles and turn out the lights.

Darling here`s wishing you a life always full of happiness.

You still look so hot after all the years we have been together. I cannot imagine a more beautiful wife. Happy birthday, my love.

My love for you is unbreakable. My devotion for you is unshakable. You and I are inseparable. Have a very happy birthday my amazing wife!

I thank God for giving me a beautiful person like you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

I loved you. I love you. And I will always love you till my last breath.

I don’t regret chasing you around. You are the woman of my dreams, you made me a better man, plus I get an excellent workout. It’s a win-win. Happy birthday to my wife!

You are the love of my life. I cannot believe you said yes to a man like me. Seriously, I count my blessings every day that I wake up next to you. I hope you have an amazing birthday.

These were the most romantic birthday wishes for wife. Hope you like it. You don’t have to make extra efforts. All you have to do is, just copy these quotes, messages, wishes with names or you can make a note with lots of wishes and send it to your wifey. Let us know by commenting down here which wish, message, and quote you have selected for your wife.

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