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To be a parent is indeed a proud moment. It’s a blissful feeling and one can’t thank God enough for it. Your child whether he’s a boy or a girl is the most precious gift from God and is the most loved and pampered by you. Celebrate your son’s birthday with great vigor and use some of these birthday quotes, wishes, and messages for him to express your unconditional love and warmth for him.  A wonderful birthday wish for son is the ideal thing for him.

Send some birthday greetings to your dear son and wish him the best in life. A priceless wish saying Happy birthday son from mom will make your son’s day truly special. The happy birthday wishes for son from mother are the best wishes that he won’t forget throughout his life.  If your son is the first child in your family then it becomes more special for him to receive some special message from you. Make his day funny and happy by sending funny birthday wishes. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down the page and just copy any best wish or message that you like and send that message to your son. You can also share these wishes or messages on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, and don’t forget to tag your son on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son:

Our whole world can be summed up in just three letters – SON. Happy birthday my Son!

When I first laid eyes on you on your actual birth day, I knew you would be a lot of fun. It turns out that I was right. Happy birthday to my son who is still fun.

Having a baby is one of the most amazing things you could ever do, but having a baby who grows up the way you are turning out is even more exciting. Happy birthday to you! We’re very proud of you.

I’m praying that God bless you with all the things that He’s generous enough to give you. I am wishing you the best birthday you can have.

No one knows how long they get to live, but our time with you has been nothing short of a blessing. Your birthday is a good time to remember and be grateful for our time. We’re wishing you a happy birthday as we celebrate your life and how you have been a blessing to us!

We always thought that miracles happened to one in a billion. We never imagined that we would be the lucky chosen ones until we had you as our dear son. Happy birthday.

As you blow the candle on your cake, just remember that your love is the candle that will forever glow in our hearts. Happy birthday.

All of it – is the only place you have in my heart. Happy birthday son.

When you were born, we were blessed. Happy Birthday Son!

Now we are proud parents of a great young man. Watching your growth in age and character was a great joy to us. Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son! May you have very great year ahead with lot of best things on your way!!

As you turn another year older, May God give you his choicest blessings. You are the best gift god has given to us, like baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph. Happy Birthday My dear Boy. We are praying for you.


We are so lucky to have such an amazing son in the world, have a best birthday today, kiddo!

Unending love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, everlasting affection and endless care. These are the things that we can do for you, our dear son. Stay happy and have a amazing birthday!

We always believe that miracles happen to one in a billion. But we have never thought that we would be among the lucky ones until we have you, our beloved son. Wonderful Birthday!

You have brought joy into my life greater than I could have ever imagined. I love you so much and hope your day is fabulous. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Every single day you’ve added something amazing to my life. You are the greatest son in all that you do! Happy Birthday, kiddo!

On this date years ago, you came into my life. Becoming a mother to such a beautiful son touched me in a way that nothing else in life can. Happy Birthday, son!

Bringing birthday wishes for the apple of my eye. You are the greatest gift. My precious son, I love you immensely. Happy Birthday, dear boy!

When you were born, we were blessed. Happy Birthday Son!

Now we are proud parents of a great young man. Watching your growth in age and charecter was a great joy to us. Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son! May you have very great year ahead with lot of best things on your way!!

As you turn another year older, May God give you his choicest blessings. You are the best gift god has given to us, like baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph. Happy Birthday My dear Boy. We are praying for you.

So, this was the best collection of Happy Birthday Wishes for Son. We hope you would love all the wishes from this collection. Celebrate your son’s birthday by sending him any wish. So, pick the best wish according to you and share it with your loving son.

Happy Birthday Messages for Son:

The day you were born was a day we were blessed with a great son. Happy birthday!

Son, we are proud of the young man you’ve become. Seeing you grow in character as you grow older gives us great joy.

It’s fun to think back about when you were a baby and other fun times when you were very young and growing up. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes from your future, and we’re wishing you an awesome birthday.

I know you are getting older, but to me you will always be my baby. I love you very much. (Birthday message from mom)

My son… your eyes give me the will to fight back, even when everything goes off-track. Your hugs give me a reason to smile, even when problems pile. Your love is what keeps me going, it is what keeps my heart beating. Happy birthday.

On the day we got married, our lives were happy. On the day you were born, we became in-sync with our destiny. Now that you are growing up, our lives have become meaningful. You are the reason, why everything is so beautiful. Happy birthday son.

Whenever life gives you a hard time, come give us a hug. No matter what you do or how old you become, for us you’ll always be our little son. Happy birthday.

When you were a toddler I never wanted to let you go from my arms. Even though you were small, everyone succumbed to your charms. When you started growing up I never wanted to let you out of my sight. Even though you hated it, I hugged you often with all my might. When you became a teenager I never wanted to see you go away. But as you turn eighteen, I am bracing myself to see that fateful day. Happy birthday son.

We are very proud of you, what you have become now! Wishing you one more year of great fun and happiness. Happy Birthday my son

You are not only a great son, but as you become old, you have become a great friend for me. Happy Birthday my dear Son


You are a valuable treasure to a parent, and I am proud to be your dad. I am wishing you a very great birthday and year full of happiness and peace

You are a treasure in my life and having a son like is the best gift in our life. Let us celebrate your birthday. happy Birthday my dear son.

Dear son, when you feel that life is giving you such a hard time, just come to me and I will give you a hug. No matter how old you will become, for me, you will always be my little son. Have a best bday!

Our beloved son, thank you for bringing a smile to our face every day. We hope that your birthday will bring a smile to yours as well! Best Bday!

With love and best wishes to the best son in the world! Wonderful Bday

You are loved for being a smart kind that you are and for being a charming person that you have become now. May your birthday be blessed with everything that God wants for your life! Wonderful Birthday!

Dear son, you are the very reason why we look forward to life. You are also the reason why there is always a smile on our hearts. We love you! Happy Bday!

Sons like you must be called “suns”, since you literally bring sunshine into our lives. Happy Bday!

On your birthday, we wish you nothing but happiness and luck. We pray that all your dreams will be fulfilled and that you will soar ahead towards the direction of success. Wonderful Birthday, our beloved son and all the best birthday wishes for son from mother!

I wanted to give you a present as sweet as you, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find anything. Just kidding. You will love your gift. Happy Birthday.

Every year you grow older, and I grow prouder of such an awesome son. You are the miracle of my life. I love you. Many birthday wishes for you, my son.

So, these were some birthday message for son, we hope you would love these bday msg and SMS. Send him some beautiful messages and text to convey your inner feelings. He will remember these beautiful birthday messages throughout his life and also feel very amazed on his birthday. So, What are you waiting for? Just copy any best messages and share them with your son.

Happy Birthday Son Quotes:

Another year has passed and I have grown to love you even more, which I did not thiFlaidnk was possible. You’ve become such a remarkable boy who makes us so proud every day. Happy Birthday, son!

The moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were a gift from God. As the years pass, I thank God for my son.

I often count the blessings of my life. You are the best blessing I have ever received. I am the happiest mother in the world. Happy Birthday.

I feel so blessed to have you as my son. On your birthday, I would like to wish you the best. May you be successful on your pursuit to happiness Happy Birthday!

You are one of the most beautiful things that ever happen to me. For that, I thank God for giving me a wonderful child. Happy Birthday to you, my son!

I may have scolded you many times, I may appear strict and cold to you at times, But keep in mind that I’m only like this because I Love U. And I want only the best for you. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Every time I look at you, I’m reminded how life can be so beautiful, How God blessed and loved me so much. For He gave such a wonderful and handsome child to me. Happy Birthday!

We love you very much, and we’re very proud of what you’ve become as you have gotten older. Here’s to one more year of awesome! Happy birthday son!

You have not only been a blessing as a son. As you matured, you have become a good friend. I appreciate that you still want to hang out with your old dad. Happy birthday! (Birthday Message from Dad)

Sons like you are a valuable treasure to a parent. I am proud to be your parent. I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

Having a son like you is one of the greatest joys in my life, so your birthday is a joyous occasion fit for celebration.

I would never ask for a better son, your uniqueness gives us a lot of satisfaction. Happy Birthday son.

I don’t want you to be anything like me my son, I want you to be better than me, be the man they all see and look up to. I love you, Happy Birthday!!

You are always our little candle that lights up our way to the future. Happy Birthday, cutie.

Your light has risen, and it’s so bright while shining. May the joy I get from seeing you shine never end in my lifetime. Happy Birthday shining son. You are my delight any day.

 You have never complained about anything I could not afford to give you and on your birthday I promise to fulfill all your wishes. Happy birthday, son.

Dear son, no matter how much you have grown up you will always be the little smart kid to me. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday son, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to become the best parents ever

happy birthday son quotes

Happy Birthday to the child that will be the best man in the future. Your parents feel honored since the first day they knew they’d have you. Happy Birthday, my son.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little hero in the world. I love you, honey.

From the little boy I knew to the young man you are now, I couldn’t be happier to be by your side. Happy Birthday son, may you never lack the finest.

Many times I was alarmed, when you were far from me. A mothers’ job is full of worries. But above all my job is to love you till the end of time! Happy birthday, my loved one!

Many years ago on this day, our journey began, when you came into my life. It was then, that everything became meaningful! I wish you a life full of joy and meaning, my dear son! Happy birthday!

No matter how many years have passed, you will always be my little one. Happy birthday, my beloved son.

My son, I love you to the end of time, I love you to the moon and back, I will always love you no matter what! All the best for your birthday!

Every year, you are becoming more handsome, more smart and more awesome. It almost looks like you are trying to become like me! Well, hope your wishes come true. Happy birthday, my lovely son.

Every year, I notice you growing taller and taller. At least in some aspect, you are “growing up”. *sigh* Well, I am happy nonetheless. Happy birthday, son.

U know who was a luckier father than me? Well, my father. But I am lucky enough too, so thank you. Happy birthday, dear son. May the force be with you.

You have been a great son to us so far. But you know, there is still some room for improvement. So try, will you? If not, it is fine too; we are great at adjusting. Happy birthday, son. Live long and prosper.

My life was going great without having to change your diapers and waking up at midnight to put you to sleep. But, it is not that bad now, either. Especially since you have learned to poop yourself. So, all is well. Happy birthday, my lad.

Remember the times when you used to try to hide your browser history, or the texts from your “female” friends, or the secret night outs by climbing out of the gate? Well, I knew all about them. So here is the coolest dad in the world, wishing you a very happy birthday.

(For a married son) I hope your son grows up fast so he can give you the pride as you gave me. Happy Birthday to my lovely son.

When you were born, there was a sense of eternal relief that rained down on me, it’s magnificent in description. Happy Birthday son. May you be blessed all the days of your life.

Who could ever be so funny and stubborn at the same time except for a son whom God has given me. Your life is beautiful to watch. Happy Birthday son. You’re loved.

To some their asset is their houses and their cars. But to me you are the most important asset I can have in my life and I’m proud of you. Happy Birthday awesome son.

Happy birthday, son. May you have a great year ahead and a day full of celebrations.

Happy birthday, son, we are lucky to have you as our child. Enjoy this day.

Happy birthday dear son, on this day I want to assure you to shower you with unending love and affection throughout my life.

Happy Birthday, my boy! Have fun today, you’re the person of honor! As parents, we feel proud of having you as our son. Happy birthday, a kid, have fun. Happy Birthday.

We hope you would love this collection of birthday quotes for son. These quotes will help you to motivate and encourage your son to do his best in further life. These birthday quotes are very unique and have a hidden meaning. So, share these beautiful quotes with your son.

Happy Birthday Status For Son:

Let’s wait until the party to find out what I got you for your birthday! Love & kisses, my boy.

Happy Birthday to my handsome boy! Have fun and stay strong!

Hey, little man, let’s blow the candles and cut the cake tonight! Happy Birthday!

A warm birthday wish for the best child of the world. Happy birthday, little prince!

Happy birthday, my dear. It has been a few years since you came into my life and brightened everything, but it seems like time flies when you are with someone as amazing as you. I hope you continue to illuminate my life with your radiant smile forever. Enjoy your day.

I always knew children were special; but it was you who taught me exactly how precious they are. You have been my joy, my hope and my strength all this time. I only wish you continue to be so. Happy birthday, my prince.

The feeling of being a parent to an amazing son like you is out of this world. I thank you for blessing me with this special feeling. Happy Birthday, son!


You have grown up to be a young man from a little boy. Today, when I see you, I see all my wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday, son!

Son, today we celebrate the day when you brought happiness into our family. Like it is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, I believe that the event of your birth has been a source of eternal joy for us. Happy Birthday, son!

Your birthday means a lot to me. It was the day when I transformed from being an ordinary man to being a FATHER to a perfect SON. Happy Birthday, son!

I will say Happy Birthday after changing your diaper. Oh, you are not a kid anymore. Happy Birthday, honey.

Although you have caused a lot of trouble with neighbors, you are and will be always our sweet kid. Happy Birthday to you.

When you were young, I told you to ask whatever you need, you ended up asking for a car at age 12. 😀 What a boy! Glad you now own a car. Happy Birthday son.

I promise to give you the best of everything my son, I will teach you, love you, have you and cherish you. Happy Birthday my son!

So, this was the best collection birthday status for son. We hope you would love to share these happy birthday statues with your son on his birthday. You can also put these statuses on various social media websites or apps like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Conclusion : :

So, this was the best collection of Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Status for Son. We hope you would love to share these bday wishes and messages with your son and your son would surely love these amazing birthday wishes.

We wish your son a Happy Birthday!

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