100+ Best Anniversary Wishes, Messages, Quotes for Friends

A Wedding Anniversary day is a very special day in any person’s life. Married people are excited about this day because they want to celebrate this day with full joy and want to make it memorable. Actually, the celebration starts with wishing a married couple So, if it your friend’s anniversary and you are confused about how to wish your friend on their anniversary, then Don’t Worry! Here we have listed some amazing marriage wishes for friend, happy anniversary messages, and some beautiful wedding anniversary quotes that you will find below. These anniversary wishes are very unique and amazing that you can send to your best friend, college friends, school friends, roommate, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down the page and pick the best one and send it to your friends.

Anniversary Wishes for Friend:

Anniversaries are days to celebrate. The love that makes your marriage great. Wishing you still more dreams come true, more joy, more love for both of you.

May your bonds of marriage strengthen, holding strong amidst all tears. And may our friendship stay untarnished, through the wearing of the years.

Happy 25th anniversary to a beautiful. May the freshness of your love always remain.

Wishing you both 2nd wedding anniversary. I am sending the best wedding anniversary wishes for my best friend. I hope you will enjoy this day as your 1st anniversary.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Happy anniversary friend.

No greeting cards to give, no beautiful flowers to send, no cute pictures to forward, just a loving heart saying, happy married life, funny anniversary wishes for the best friend.

May your marriage continue to prosper forever, happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes, and anniversary greetings.

Now is the time to celebrate, the love in your heart today, for another year so quickly passed, since your last anniversary day, may you share your love together, remembering the past, and look forward to the future, with love that’s set to last happy anniversary messages for friends.

Today is a good time to look back, go through your memory lane remembering all that beautiful time which you have spent together.

Your love and emotions for each other are not only limited to you both, I can clearly see your love and emotions for each other.

May your marriage be blessed with love, joy, and companionship. For all the years of your lives.

Kiss of love and a hug of care, may this relation you always share.

Just a little wish that your anniversary will be a wonderful one.

On this special day, best wishes go to you, that this wonderful love u share, lasts your lifetime through.

You to meet, the love grew you tied the knot and vowed to each other may god bless you in keeping that vow.

Today is a special day for a special friend, sharing a very special love.

Anniversaries are days to celebrate the love that makes your marriage great. Wishing you still more dreams come true, more joy, more love for both of you.

Love brought you together as husband and wife. And gave each of you a best friend for life.

May the love that you share last your lifetime through, as you make a wonderful pair. Happy anniversary dear friend.

I wish your marriage life keeps blooming for all the days to come. A very happy marriage anniversary to you.

May your marriage be blessed with love, joy, and companionship.

May you two stay always together in love.

Best wishes to you both on ur anniversary, may the love that u  share last ur lifetime through, As u make a wonderful couple.

You are a true example of how to be couple, happy anniversary to you keep you in love.

May the love between you bring lots of joy. And may that happiness no one can destroy.

Hand in hand you have spent one year, may you continue with unbreakable trust and unconditional love.

To hold and love each other forever is one of the most romantic vows you could ever make. May God bless your marriage even more.

Let your life be full of support, care, and true love forever. It is great pleasure to congratulate such a beautiful and happy couple.

On this special day, I wish that your love grows stronger and blooms year by year.

May this love that you feel for each other never fade away but only grow.

So, these were some amazing anniversary wishes for friends that we have listed above. These wishes will help you to express your true feelings and love that you have for your friends. So, pick any best wish among them and send it to your special friend on his/her anniversary day.

Wedding Wishes for Friend:

I know that I am your friend and you really care about me, but I am happy to know that there is someone you care more than me.

You would be holding each other’s hand for a lifetime take care of each other and enjoy this sweet journey.

May the love b/w u for each other grow every single breath happy anniversary best buddy.

Through time your bond is strong; it lasts through sun and storm; you’ll always have your love; to keep each other warm.

Wishing you a day that’s just as special as you are.

Love brought you together as husband and wife and gave each of you a best friend for life.

Best wishes to both of you on your Anniversary, may the love that u share last your lifetime through, as you make a wonderful pair.

May the good time of the present, become in the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy, and happiness.

I have been crazy, I have been a fool, I have done things that out of control, so I’m really wondering why you are still with me. probably because you are just like me.

Wishes you a happy and long life, do things which made you happy and take care of each other as you do.

Your anniversary makes this day all the more beautiful and special for you.

You have lived together happily for years. Quite a feat by both of you.

Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning. I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.

May one anniversary lead to many more glorious years of happiness and joy. Let’s celebrate and make this occasion a memorable one.

Our anniversary is not just a date, it signifies how beautifully intertwined, are our fates.

It is the way you hold each other’s hands and the way your eyes sparkle in dazzling joy. May you continue to enjoy these for the next years to come.

May your pains be mine and all my happiness yours.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marriage is a lifelong melody sung by two hearts completely surrendered to love.

Everything was like a dark sky until it was lit up by you, my life’s brightest star. We’ve had our ups and downs but my heart has always believed that we would come this far.

A little bit of romance, a little bit of chase, a little bit of coaxing, love and that grace. Marriage is a perfect mix of emotions.

Once again in passing this year prove that you have passed the beautiful year and same year is waiting in front of you. Happy friendship anniversary to the wonderful couple.

It started with a simple ring, you became husband and wife, you progressed to being parents and you are still best friends for life.

I would like to congratulate both of you and fill your life with more love and happiness.

Loving you gives me lots of emotions, happiness, joy, and excitement. I am so glad to cherish those feelings for you. Wishing to share those for another year or so.

Relationships are not about given and take, they are about share and care, both of you enjoy your married life.

I always thought nothing could be as flawless and perfect as my life. Turns out, your marriage is.

No one and nothing in this world are perfect, but the two of you are as close as it gets.

Your marriage has sure come a long way and I hope there is even more to come.

I am so happy you have found someone you can trust and lover enough to share your life with congratulations.

So, this was the best wedding anniversary wishes collection that we have listed above. We hope you would love to share these amazing wedding anniversary wishes with your best friend. Send these wishes to them,  bless your friends on their anniversary, and wish them a happy married life ahead.

Anniversary Messages for Friend:

May you never be able to keep your hands off of each other.

On a very special few. And I believe it happened when life encountered you. You are a perfect couple and in a marriage that is blessed; May your love shine like a beacon, A guide for all the rest.

It takes time to build the kind of relationship that’s almost entirely perfect. You seemed to have done it all in one year.

The two of you give me incredible hope that real love exists for anyone. May your love continue to shine on and on. Please accept my congrats on this special day.

Marriage is extremely tough and full of mistakes, but you’ve made it seem flawless. Many blessed wishes on this day to you both.

Happy wedding anniversary to two of my greatest friends. Finding your soulmate is the greatest blessing in life. I’m so happy that you have found each other.

I wanted to wish a very happy anniversary to you today. My heart warms every single time I think of the amazing love you two share. I hope for it to continue to grow and triumph, even many years from now.

They say that loving someone is the greatest treasure you ask for. I hope you cherish your treasure until the end of time. I hope your days are filled with ultimate goodness.

To the most beautiful couple, I have ever seen. Keep smiling and shining, you both.

May your love and your years together be everlasting and full of joy.

You two are made for each other, nothing else matters. So here’s a wish, right from the heart and true, may this anniversary be the best one for you.

You found each other a long time ago. It’s so nice that you manage to stay together by going through all ups and downs in your married life.

I admire and respect the two of you for your commitment to your marriage. You are an exemplary couple and I am blessed and honored to be your friend.

Watching the two of you is so inspiring. You are one of the most beautiful couples I have been honored to meet and know.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow. Make it memorable.

May love continue to be the light that illuminates your lives, giving you hope for years to come.

Another year of being together, That’s for a record, I must say. You guys rock! Stay in love with each other.

You get better with each passing year and I pray that you have many more years together.

Happy anniversary to you. May your exemplary marriage continue to spread the radiance of love and wisdom to all who know you.

Why are you two still together up to now? Maybe God thinks that you are the perfect match.

The special day is back again. The day that you two both took your vows. I am happy to see that you both have the same love you had on your wedding day.

I am hoping that the love you two shared is as strong as it was years ago because it brought you happiness, joy and much love.

Best wishes go to you guys on this special day that your love will remain lifelong. I am very happy to see you both together.

May the love between you lasts a lifetime. As you are the perfect pair I have ever seen. May you live a long loving life.

Wishing you a good loving life on your first anniversary. You know a determined man like you can achieve a great deal in this life. Always keep your family a top priority.

Nothing in this world could be as wonderful as the luv you’ve given me. Ur luv makes my days sο very bright, just knοwing u r always with me. Happy Anniversary.

No words can describe my wishes for u two which comes frm the heart that is true! Always stand by each other’s side.

May ur luv always grow like wildflowers, nd happy anniversary to an amazing couple!

A Wonderful Person nd a grt Friend. It is a Blessing To Have Both Of Them In U! Thanks For Making Home The Loveliest Place On Earth. Wish You A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

U guyzzz r a blessing to each other, I have never seen a couple so perfectly matched and so in luv, wishing you a happy anniversary

This was our best collection of Happy Anniversary Messages for Friends. Your friend will feel amazed when he/she gets a  beautiful anniversary message from you. So, pick ay best line according to you and send it to your special friends to wish them on their anniversary day. These messages will strengthen your friendship bond and convey your love and emotions towards your friends.


Anniversary Quotes for Friends:

Best wishes for both of u.Keep luving and cherishing each other.Happy Anniversary!

May today be filled with happy memories of the past and bright hopes for the future.Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations on the start of sumthing beautiful! Much luv, health and happiness to both of u on this happy occasion.

Wishing you a very happy anniversary, may you find trust, happiness and companionship for all years to cum in ur marriage.

May luv continue to be the light that illuminates ur lives, giving u hope for years to come. Happy anniversary.

Wishing A Very Happy Anniversary And More Years Of Happiness Together.

Happy anniversary!May the ever growing days be the testimony of ur luv for each other,It may not have been happy all throughout,But u make use of what is there. Stay happy guyzz..

Never stop luving and caring for each other as u did through all these years. Best wishes on this truly amazing and unforgettable event in ur lyf, happy anniversary!

Ur luv fr each other is more precious than anything. It is the harmony of your united souls. Luv u so much guys!

More smiles, less tearsProud moments, no fearsMy dear frnd, u were married todaySpend this Anniversary, a special way.Happy Anniversary.

Sending heartfelt wishes ur way and on such an important nd luvly day. Happy wedding anniversary.

From best buddies u turned to spouse, nd made a home out of a house!!!Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Hope ur anniversary celebrates the wonders of today, the memories of the past, and the dreams of tomorrow. Congratulations! Enjoy your special day.

Lyk a flower in the sunlight, ur luv blossoms beautifully. Happy wishes on your wedding anniversary

It luks like married lyf agrees with u, nd I wish the bst fr both of u!!! Thanks for being my frnds!!Happy wedding anniversary!!

Βest wishes to u both οn ur anniversary. May the luv that you share last you a lifetime through and through. U both make a wonderful pair. Happy Wedding Anniversary

Liv lyf king size,Party hard and have funSending you Happy Anniversary wishesOn behalf of everyone.Hv a smashing day!!!

I still remember the times when you wanted to ask her out. U shared stories with me and today I wish to shout, Happy Anniversary dear frnd.

Anniversaries r the days to celebrateThe luv that makes ur marriage grt.Wishing u still more dreams come true,More luv, more happiness for both of you.

May the luv between u two,bring lots of joy,and may tht happiness no 1 can destroy!!Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to sum wonderful friends! Through the years, we have made a grt deal of memories. May u continue to make memories that last a lyftym.

May ur luv and ur lives together be everlasting and full of joy. Wishing you a very happy anniversary.

Today is a gud time to look back, go through ur memory lane remembering all that beautiful tym which u have spent together. Happy anniversary to you dear.

Hope u two continue having the best lyf with each other. Happy Anniversary.

Best wishes go to you guys on this special day of yours. I pray that ur luv will remain life long. I am very happy to see you both together. Happy Anniversary.

Here’s wishing to the most beautiful couple in the world, May ur anniversary be happy and memorable. Happy anniversary guys.

The type of marriage tht the two of u share is something to be celebrated. U r best frndss, partners in crime, and soul mates that ll be together fr a lifetime. Congratulations!

To The Beautiful Couple In All The Land, May ur Anniversary Be Happy nd Grand. Happy Wedding Anniversary

Ur relation is the dearest relation in the world. This is a relation of body and soul which allows u both to fall in luv with each other.

I have never known such a beautiful couple, your love for each other is a treasure of what the meaning of soul mates entails. Happy anniversary!

So, this was the best collection of wedding anniversary quotes for friends. You can pick the best line among the above-listed quotes and send them to friends. These lines will surely inspire your friends because these quotes are unique and have a hidden meaning. With the help of these amazing quotes, you can convey your message to your special friend. So, without any delay share these quotes with your friends and wish them Happy Anniversary.


So, these were our best collections of Happy Anniversary Wishes, Messages, Quotes and, friendship anniversary wishes for friends. We hope you and your friends would love these wishes and msgs. In the above sections, we have covered all types of wedding anniversary wishes, it doesn’t matter it is 1st Anniversary or 25th Anniversary. You will find these wishes easily. So, check every section and pick any best wishes or messages of your choice and send it to your friends.

You can also share these wishes on various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or on Instagram. And, if you have any special kind of experience then tell us in the comment section below.

We wish your friend a Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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