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Marriage is always more than love. It is obviously about togetherness, sacrifices, fights, problems, and much more. Marriage is just a unique combination of a typical life. Two persons experiencing new things every day together is also a definition of marriage. But, it becomes shocking when we hear about someone that they have been together for the last 25 years. It is a tremendous opportunity for them, and you have to make them realize how fluently they’ve passed their 25 years of married life. Help them in expressing their feelings for one another by sending some 25th wedding anniversary wishes to them.

25th Anniversary Wishes:

Wishing someone 25 year anniversary can make them tremendously happy. You can send these anniversary greetings to your mom and daddy, and to all your loved ones. They will feel very grateful after receiving your wishes for the 25th anniversary. So, here are some of the best 25th wedding anniversary wishes which you must send to your loved ones on their 25th wedding anniversary.

In each other’s life you bought happiness from day one, So now after 25 years of union, have fun. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy 25th anniversary! You guys are still a beautiful couple even after all these years. Wishing you be pleased as like as you do these years.

It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to be where you are right now. And for that, I would like to say congratulation and Happy 25th Anniversary.

25 years of relation so pure, You deserve a Hats Off, for sure! Happy wedding anniversary.

Today is a special day, For a special couple like you, Sharing an extraordinary love on your 25th Happy anniversary! Make it gorgeous.

Your twenty-five years long happy marriage is proof of the fact that fatal attraction is not fatal after all. Happy 25th anniversary.

Love has little meaning if it fades away. Congratulations on nurturing yours, till this very day. Happy twenty fifth anniversary.

There is nothing more beautiful than love, that lasts forever. Happy 25th anniversary.

A diary log of every single day of your lives together as a couple and a family should be archived so that future generations can learn the real meaning of true love and marital bliss. Happy 25th anniversary.

Hold each other tight, with all your might. Remember the day that you wed, and think about the beautiful future that lies ahead. Happy 25th anniversary.                                                                                25th wedding anniversary

As you mark your 25th year in marriage today, I pray that you will remain inseparable and mark many more years together.

When one member of the family is celebrating, the rest of us are celebrating too. That’s why we wish you both a joyous and fun-filled Silver Jubilee anniversary.

The joy of parents is to see their children succeed in every sphere of life. Thank you for making us proud. Happy 25th Anniversary.

You have set an example for your children to follow by staying together these 25 years, regardless of the hurdles that come with marriage. Happy anniversary.

Tell it to the mountains, echo it to the seas, shout it to the valleys that our marriage is 25 years old today! Happy silver anniversary to us, my darling.

Happy 25th anniversary to you both! May you have many more healthy and happy years together.

Through thick and thin you two have withstood the test of time. You indeed are a match made in heaven. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Here’s to another year of being a perfect couple. Congratulations and happy 25th anniversary.

25 years have passed, and you still gaze into each other’s eyes like it was your wedding day. I am so fortunate to witness such love. Happy anniversary.

Happy 25th anniversary you two! This extraordinary milestone is truly worth celebrating. May you continue to inspire others with your love and commitment to each other.

Silver Wedding Anniversary:

Silver wedding anniversary means 25 years of successful married life. This sounds very cool, isn’t it? It’s an honor for the couple who have spent 25 years of their life with each other. It is evident that their love for each other is as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. Now it is your responsibility to double their happiness by sending happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes to them. Make their 25 years celebration memorable, so, here are some of the cutest silver jubilee wishes for the best couple who deserve them.

Congratulations on setting the excellent example that you two have! Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

If there were an award for lovers, you two would surely get it for being where you are today! Happy, happy wedding anniversary to you lovebirds.

 Spending 25 long years together is a remarkable achievement! Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary.

 I bet you must’ve mastered what it takes to become a good friend, a good lover and a suitable guardian by now. Many, many hearty congratulations to you both.

 It takes a second to fall in love but a lifetime to prove its worth. Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee.

The incredible partnership that you guys have been playing for over a decade! May you continue with this trust and love for lifelong.

May plenty of wishes come your way, Not just for a year but forever. May you continue to grow older and happier together.

Sending love and hugs to my favorite couple on their milestone! Wishing you unforgettable anniversary.

Many congratulations to the pair who know how to take romance to heart and treasure their day. Happy Anniversary.

I pray to God that you not only enjoy your 25th wedding anniversary but also enjoy multiple anniversaries together in the future.                                                                                                                     silver anniversary

We’ve spent a quarter of a century together, but it only feels like a moment because it’s so wonderful being with you.

When I met you, you were the best thing to happen me, and till this day, you’re still the best.

After 25 years, it’s wonderful that the two of you still find true contentment in enjoying one another’s company.

May you continue to share the love that lasts a lifetime. Happy 25th anniversary.

With every year that passes, I cannot help but to love you more and more. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary to the couple who does everything in their power to make our happiness double.

Dear parents, I wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary. I send lovely gifts for you both to celebrate the occasion with much love.

Wishing my parents a happy 25th wedding anniversary through this text. I wish your love for each other grows more with time and be an example of deep relationship you share.

You have, indeed, unraveled the mystery; the mystery of the sought after the treasure of love. Happy Silver Jubilee.

There is nothing more dreamlike than seeing a couple like you; 25 years of love, 25 years of affection and 25 years of care.

25th Marriage Anniversary Wishes in Hindi:

These 25th wedding anniversary wishes in Hindi are one of the best ways to make your loved ones happy. You can send these wishes to those who are not comfortable with wishes in English. These wishes will prove very useful to you as they can make your loved one’s day much better than before. These anniversary wishes for friends and parents will double their happiness and joy of the day. So, here are some of the best silver jubilee anniversary wishes in Hindi.

आप के इस शादी के सालगिरह पर हम भगवान से प्रथना करते हैं के आप दौनो को दुनिया की सारी ख़ुशी, हँसी, प्रेम, सुख और एक दूसरे का साथ जन्मो जन्मो तक का दे.

आप दोनो को दाम्पत्य जीवन के वर्षगाँठ की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ। प्रभु राम आपदोनो को समृद्धि, सदाचार, सम्पत्त ि, सेवा से सदा सुशोभित करें। आप लोगों का आपस में प्रेम और भावनाएँ सदा शिव पार्वती की तरह अमर रहे। रिश्तों में चूहल तो हो लेकिन चुभन कभी भी ना आ पायें।

इस शादी की सालगिरह पर;आपको दिल से बधाई देते हैं;क्योंकि आप जैसे ख़ास लोग;दुनिया में बहुत कम होते हैं।शुभ सालगिरह|

बहुत बहुत मुबारक है ये समां; बड़ा नायब लग रहा होगा जहाँ; खुशियाँ बाटों एक दूसरे के संग; रास आये आपको सालगिरह का हर रंग।

हसीन लोगों के हसीन पल;हसीन पलों की रोशनियां;आप दोनों के लिए तहे दिल से;शादी की सालगिरह की बधाईयाँ।शुभ सालगिरह।

है जिंदगी माना दर्द भरी;फिर भी इसमें ये राहत है;कि मैं हूँ तेरा और तू है मेरी;काश यूंहीं रहें हम, ये चाहत अब भी है।सालगिरह मुबारक।

जिंदगी का हर पल संतुष्टि दे आपको;दिन का हर लम्हा ख़ुशी दे आपको;जहाँ गम की हवा छू के भी न गुजरे;खुदा वो जिंदगी दे आपको।शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो।

शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो;भगवान आपका जीवन खुशियों से भरे।अब बहुत हुई बधाईयां,जल्दी बताओ पार्टी कहाँ करें।सालगिरह मुबारक!

आज के इस शुभ दिन परआपके प्रारंभिक वैवाहिक जीवन की यात्रा;आपसी प्यार, समर्पण और सुन्दर तालमेल सेआपकी जीवन बगियाँ खुशियों से महक उठे;“प्रभु राधा-कृष्ण की तरहहमेशा आपकी जोड़ी बनाये रखें।”हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

रब ना करे कभी तुम्हें खुशियों की कमी हो;तुम्हारे क़दमों के नीचे फूलों की ज़मीन हो;आँसू ना हो तुम्हारी आँखों में कभी;अगर हो तो वो खुशियों की नमी हो।सालगिरह मुबारक!                                                                                           25th wedding anniversary wishes in hindi

आप दोनों के रिश्ते को भगवान नेबड़ी दुआयों से नवाज़ा है इतने साल;शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो,जियो दिल खोलकर, रहो खुश हर हाल।सालगिरह मुबारक!

फूल बनकर मुस्कुराना है जिंदगीमुस्कुरा के गम भुलाना है जिंदगीजीत के कोई खुश हुआ तो क्या हुआहार कर भी खुशियाँ मनाना है ज़िन्दगी।सालगिरह की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें!

दुआ है कि कामयाबी के हरशिखर पे आप का नाम हो;आपके हर कदम पर दुनियां का सलाम हो;हिम्मत से मुश्किलों का सामना करना;हमारी दुआ है कि वक़्त भीएक दिन आपका गुलाम हो।सालगिरह मुबारक!

मैं वो नहीं कि शादी हो और बदल गयामेरा वही मिज़ाज वही ठाठ होगाशादी से पहले भी मुझे शादी का शौक थाऔर शादी के बाद भी शादी का शौक होगा।हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

तेरी झलक को तरसता हूँ ज़िद अब ये छोड़ दूँये जुल्म आज ना ढाओ तुम्हारी सालगिरह हैभटक रहा हूँ तेरी जात की जंजीरों मेंचलो आज़ाद ही कर दो तुम्हारी सालगिरह है।हैप्पी एनिवर्सरी!

दिल की गहराई से दुआ दी है आपको,लोगों का प्यार सदा ही मिले आपको,नज़र ना लगे कभी इस प्यार को,चाँद-सितारों से लंबा हो यह साथ आपको!

आप दोनों की जोड़ी कभी न टूटे,ख़ुदा करे आप एक दुसरे से कभी न रूठे,यूँ ही एक होकर आप ये जिन्दगी बिताएँ,आप दोनों से खुशियों के एक पल भी ना छूटे!

न कोई पल सुबह, न कोई पल शाम हैं,हर पल हर लम्हा आपके नाम हैं,इसे सिर्फ शायरी न समझ लेना,ये हमारी तरफ से आपको मेरे प्यार का पैगाम हैं!

आप दोनो हमारे अजीज हैं,जो खुशियों में रंग भरते हैं,आपकी जोड़ी हमेशा सलामत रहे,ऊपर वाले से बस यही दुआ करते हैं!

आसमान का चाँद तेरी बाँहों में हो,तू जो चाहे तेरी राहों में हो,हर वो ख्वाब पूरा हो जो तेरी आँखों में हो,खुशकिस्मती की हर लकीर तेरे हाथों में हो!

25th Anniversary Messages:

Silver jubilee marriage anniversary messages are one of the best ways to make your loved ones feel happy and loved. These words are not just to wish them a happy anniversary but, these quotes for husband and for parents will help you a lot in expressing your feeling in front of them. Send these 25th-anniversary messages to a couple and show them that how much you love and care for them. These silver jubilee messages will also increase your love for each other. So, below are some beautiful anniversary messages in english.

In principle relational unions are made in Heaven yet for all other functional purposes, a quarter-century-long marriage is attempted by the heroic endeavors of a lovely couple like you. Happy 25th anniversary.

May these quarter century of your wedded life be the preface of an ageless children’s story with a flawless completion. Happy silver anniversary.

From the period of preferring each other in class to enjoying each other on Facebook, your marriage has made some fantastic progress. Happy 25th-anniversary dear.

 Congratulations for finding the most looked for after mystery – the mystery of a happy marriage. Happy 25th anniversary.

It takes one minute to begin to look all starry eyed at yet a lifetime to demonstrate that it was genuinely intended to be until the end of time. Happy silver anniversary.

A couple like you is living verification of the way that love is a venture. The more you put in it, the more it gives back.

Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple whose devotion and love continues to freak us all out.

Happy anniversary! I never thought we made it, but here we are. I guess you were right; it is possible for me to be wrong.

Happy anniversary to the person who thinks all the weird things I do are great puts up with all my crap and still loves me at the end of each day.

You deserve all the best in life. I’m sure someone will come along who can give it to you, in the meantime, way to stick it out with me.                                                                                                                  25 year anniversary

Ιt takes a moment to fall-in-love, but a lifetime to prove that it was truly meant to be forever. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Life is short. Let’s enjoy every moment with a lot of care, affection, and love. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Cοngratulations! Yοur wedding has sure cοme a long way, and Ι wishes there is even more to cοme.Happy 25 years of happiness, lοve Αnd magic.

This 25th wedding anniversary isn’t just a milestone of one more year of being together it is an official testimony that your love is indeed forever.

There is nothing more imaginary than seeing a couple like you; 25 years of love, 25 years of attachment and 25 years of care.

Today marks a quarter of a century that you two have spent together as a couple! That by itself is an incredible feat! You indeed are an inspiration for other couples. Happy 25th anniversary.

I can’t imagine how 25 years of living with someone is. But seeing the condition you two are in, I think it is quite a fantastic experience. Happy 25th anniversary.

Usually, a dream ends when you wake up, when it comes to your marriage, the goal hasn’t completed 25 years later.

To have spent the past 25 years waking up right beside the love of your life, I can’t imagine anything else closer to perfection.

Being someone’s soul mate isn’t easy. Especially for 25 whole years! You deserve all the praise in the world.

25th Anniversary Quotes:

You can send these 25th wedding anniversary quotes to the couple who deserves them. These silver jubilee quotes will make their day remarkable. Silver jubilee celebration is one of the biggest parties of life, so, make them laugh and entertain them by sending funny quotes to them. So, here are some of the best 25th-anniversary quotes for parents and for all your dear ones.

25 years seem like a long time, but the life’s merciless routine makes them go by in a jiffy. To hold up strong through the highs and lows of this rut is not easy. Here’s to love, that was truly meant to be forever.

In theory, marriages are made in Heaven, but for all other practical purposes, twenty-five-year long marriage is caused by the tireless efforts of a beautiful couple like you. Happy 25th anniversary.

May these twenty-five years of your married life be the prologue of a timeless fairy tale with a lovely ending. Happy silver anniversary.

From the age of liking each other in class to liking each other on Facebook, your marriage has come a long way. Happy 25th anniversary.

Congratulations for discovering the most sought after secret – the secret of a happy marriage. Happy 25th.

 25 years ago on that day, we became one soul, but it seems it is the story of yesterday. You are always with me in my pain and gain, and you never let me alone, even not for a second. The life with you is a joyride, and still, we together have a long way to go.

We have spent 25 years together, in love, attraction, argument, romance, and desire. Many storms come and go, but they never touch the love we share. 25 years is a beautiful journey, and with you, the rest of the life will be more attractive.

The day is the mark of our togetherness; let’s think 25 years of our life. It is the story of love, it is the story of support, and it is the story of friendship. Our album has 25 shades of colors, but still many colors are yet to apply.

Our story is no more than a film, where romance, fight, attraction and above all our love is there, but the film is not complete yet. 25 years we have crossed and experienced lots of beautiful moments. Happy anniversary my dear.

As the year’s pass, our relationship became stronger. 25 years of the journey may seem too long, but for me, it is as young as our first date. You are always with me in highs and lows, and we made a beautiful past with lots of emotions. Happy anniversary.                                                                                 25th anniversary wishes

Happy 25th anniversary. It takes forever to find true love, and when you see them, it’s tough to maintain it indefinitely.

 Many wishes for both of you on this special occasion. Love comes to those who are really lucky and you guys found love in each other. Times have passed so fast that we are celebrating the silver jubilee of your bond. Happy 25th Anniversary.

 From the first time you guys laid eyes on each other you have been inseparable. From that day till now it has been 25 years of your union. Let’s all have fun and enjoy this fun moment to the fullest. Happy Anniversary guys.

25 years of relation truly deserves a hats off. You guys have survived all the hardships, pain and departure. And yet you are here strong and tough as ever. This celebration signifies the victory of your love against all odds. Your achievement for all that you dedicated your time and love to.

Your love is what inspires me the most. The love between you guys is truly capable of being the use for many people. This special wish is for the special couple on their special day of celebrating 25 years together.

Dear mom-dad, you have proved that love isn’t just a fairy tale. Happy 25 years of love, joy, happiness.

Mumma-papa you have made it. Cheers to 25 years of togetherness. Enjoy your day and have fun because its worth it.

Best wishes from my side for the years ahead. Thanks for making me and everyone else realize that love exists. Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

Thank you for always being there for me. Through ups and downs, you were always there. Happy 25 years of loving you.

It’s been 25 years since I found the person who filled the spaces between my fingers. Happy 25th anniversary.


So, these were some of the best 25th Anniversary quotes and messages. We hope you would love to share these wishes and messages, because these anniversary lines are very beautiful and meaningful which you can send to your Best Friend, Mother, Father, Couple, Sister, Brother, Sister in Law, Brother in Law, and to anyone you want to send.

And don’t forget to tell us your favorite line and also write your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

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